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1st Inaugural 2018 Immigrant Entrepreneurs Summit (IES) in Illinois

Quad-City immigrants spent Friday learning how to finance businesses, start tax plans, hire employees, understand legal jargon, use social media and create innovative marketing. Sa, a native of China and founder of Community CPA, calls the summit a "crash course in 18 different topics," also featuring talks about zoning, payroll, building codes and other processes hard to understand, especially for those unfamiliar with American government. "I think because a lot of new immigrants here are refugees, given that particular background, a lot of them come in with a lot of fear of the government," she said. "Asking questions to the government is not as easy as it is for people who were born here and know their rights, know what to ask and what to reject." Kim said many of the people the group works with have no idea where to go to start a business. And it's often a scary process. "A lot of them, wherever they're coming form, have faced a lot of injustice. So that doesn't really allow them to build trust immediately for the authority or financial community," he said. "At IES, everybody's on the same platform. We have one goal and that is to build each other up and support each other. When trust is established and a connection is made, they can continue to share that information to the rest of the community." Please find a link and content below: Business across borders: Moline summit helps immigrants foster their entrepreneurial spirits

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