After 12 years and 3 CPA's later Ying and her staff at Community CPA resolved a 12 year old tax matter with the highest level of professionism that every business should follow. Every call was answered or returned within that day no matter how busy she was. Ying gave me advice on starting the process myself to save me money on the firms services. Ying and her staff impress me with all the knowledge they have with the tax system. I would like to thank Community CPA again for there professional and honest services they provided me and I highly recommend them. I am so grateful I found this firm!
- a small business owner

When I got the No Change Letter from the IRS auditor, I could not believe my eyes! Thank you Ying! Thank you Community CPA for doing such a great job on my case. Even the IRS auditor said that I had an excellent POA!
- a Tax Audit Client

I have worked with accountants in almost every Ch 11 case I have worked on. In my professional opinion, Community CPA is in the top tier of accounting professionals in this community, if not the state, and I would not hesitate to recommend you to clients and others, and I look forward to referring clients to you in the future.
- a Bankruptcy Chapter 11 Attorney

... after two CPA firms tried their hands on my books, I finally found Community CPA to work on my accounting. Ying, you and your staff impressed me! Today we got our long overdue refund back from IRS. I am so impressed with your work. You should be proud of your practice.
- a Manufacturer Client

Community CPA is very responsive. If they say it will be done by a certain day, it will be done no matter what. We are impressed with their love to their profession!!
- an IT Company Client

Community CPA cares about the community. They are the firm who not only provides audit service but also furnishs you with recommendations that would move your non profit organization ahead. They care about our organization and made sure that we are in compliance. Other non profit organizations stay away from their auditors and we enjoy working with our auditors! What a difference!
- a Non Profit Audit Client

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