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    Community CPA is globally oriented; hence, why immigration is an intricate part of the business. Over the years, the firm has partnered with immigration attorneys on many successful H-1 filings and is very knowledgeable of USCIS’ rules on H-1B “general contractors”. We are also familiar with the process of the immigration filings such as: L-1, EB2 & 5, citizenship and green card.

    In addition, Community CPA is set apart by its vast array of services we provide such as:  

    • Corporate Annual and Bi-annual Renew 
    • Corporation Foreign Status Application/Determination 
    • ITIN Application Business 
    • DBA Name Registration/ Name Change 
    • Reinstatement of Corporation Status
    • Business Plan 
    • Business Valuation 
    • SBA Loan Application 
    • Certificate of Existence 
    • Food License Application and Renewal 
    • Liquor/Beer License Application and Renewal 
    • Food Stamp Application, Food Stamp Investigation, WIC (Women, Infants and Children) Application 
    • Insurance Audit Representation 
    • Cigarette License Application 
    • Lottery Application 
    • Vendor Dispute & Relations 
    • Contract License Application 
    • Nail Salon Application 
    • Nonprofit Application

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